Wednesday, March 17, 2010

This week so far

I have so much to blog about (good and not so good) but I am so tired. It's only Wednesday but it's been a long week already. It's been mostly good and I am so thankful for that.

The weather has been beautiful and we are all adjusting nicely to the time change :-) I plan to write more details and post pictures soon, but I wanted to just write a short update, especially for those waiting details about SB Clinic.

Monday was a beautiful beach day with all 3 kids. It was hard, but GREAT!! We were there 4 hours and really enjoyed ourselves.

Tuesday, Annabelle has her first developmental assessment and it went GREAT! Pictures and more details to be posted on Annabelle's blog soon. Annabelle also had SB Clinic where she met with the Urologist. It went well and amazingly we WON'T be starting cathing this month. Possibly in three months, but will explain in more detail soon. The boys spent the day with their Grammy at the LB Towne Center splash pad, had Super Mex for lunch & ice cream - lucky boys!

Wednesday (today) was a HAPPY St. Patrick's Day for us. Lots of fun stuff with the kids and then water play with friends in the afternoon. It was a HOT, HOT day!!

I feel blessed to have had these beautiful days with my children this week. I am still deeply worried about my God Son Brent who was seriously injured in a car accident the first week of February. He has whats called a global brain injury and although he is making progress it is going to be a very long road ahead of him. He is a fighter and I know that he is fighting hard. My sister and her husband are having challenges securing an appropriate place for Brent to go for his rehabilitation due to restrictions on their health insurance policy. This is very frustrating! Once again money and insurance bureaucracies stand in the way of someone getting the care they need. I believe they will be posting an update date tomorrow so I will post that once I get it. I haven't been to the hospital in 2 weeks and it's breaking my heart.

Lastly, my dear sweet Wella (my grand mother), she has been in a sub acute hospital for almost 2 years now. I don't even have the words right now to explain how I feel. I love her and I am sad for her. I miss her, my boys miss her and I wish she could meet my sweet Annabelle. She is not the wonderful, vibrant lady she once was. Her body is failing her more and more each day and she deserves better than what these last two years have given her. I hope she knows how very much she means to me and how much I love and admire her love and dedication to her family.

Good night friends. Thanks for caring enough to check in on us and read my little family blog.


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Four Flights said...

wish I could have seen you guys this afternoon. Gosh, so much stuff going on right now huh? Praying for your nephew Brent. I hope the next update is somewhat positive. Much love, Andrea