Thursday, March 25, 2010

Now that's some poor communication!

I think it's really sad that this (click on the word this) is how my mom found out today that she was loosing her job. A job that she has had for over 10 years.

Very disappointing. She really enjoyed working there with all of her friends surrounded by fabric.


Andrea said...

so did the employees just happen upon this flyer, or did the management show it to them? that is just lousy :( Are they closing all stores I wonder, or just the Cerritos location?

Summers Family said...

Sadly it was a customer who brought it to the employees attention. The staff was told last night that they aren't actually going to close the store and this is just an attempt to make enough $$ to help pull them out of debit. Who knows. My mom said she will keep going in as long as they schedule her :-)