Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Oh no, I could be a stage mom!

Ok, not really but it is super fun when the boys get to do photo shoots at Lakeshore. Branden works there so it's a whole fun experience for them. They get to dress up and take pictures, see their dad during the day, see their dad's office and all his friends. They "earn" a gift certificate to the store and usually walk away with some small toy from Branden or one of his co-workers office.

So the boys went down this past Tuesday to do a photo shoot together. This was their first one together and it was ADORABLE!! It's so hard because I can't ever show the pictures (although I have seen them) until a decision has been made and they have been published on the web or in the catalog. This weeks shoot was for the web and was a Father's Day advertisement (so cute!). So, if their pictures are chosen I will post the link when it's up on the web in June or if they aren't chose I will post the pictures after Father's Day.

I remembered that Jack did a photo shoot last April that I was so excited about. It was a cover for a special holiday catalog. He wasn't chosen but I think it was super cute! We had to wait until after Christmas to share it and honestly I forgot until this week.

So, here it is - Jack's first (almost) magazine Cover!

I can't believe how little he looks. Would his cute face make you want to buy those dinosaurs?

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Selina said...

I'd totally buy that dinasour!
SO Cute!