Friday, March 5, 2010

Moments I want to remember - January 2010

I used to be a scrapboooker and I loved it, but unfortunately I just don't find the time to drag out all of the supplies and actually get anything done anymore. However, I still want to document all the moments in our lives. Some are big and some are small but they all make up who we are and I want to make sure that somehow we remember them.

So now I blog. I am not a very timely blogger or the most creative, but I'm doing it. I love my family and I love the special moments we share together. I hope this blog will help us never forget the "moments" that make up our life. Through all the craziness of having two preschoolers and an infant with special needs we do have a lot of fun. We are blessed in so many ways (I admit, I get overwhelmed and don't always see it). I am thankful for these moments with my children and always want to remember them.

Here's Jack coloring his boy picture that he got in his backpack at Kindergarten Fest. I can't even believe that my baby boy will be heading off to Kindergarten in just a few months. It really went by so fast - he's ready though and I know he will do GREAT!

Here's my creative little man in his self-made Nutcracker costume. Jack LOVES playing dress up and he's so creative. Whenever he gets inspired to dress up he typically will ask us to buy or make him a new costume. We rarely buy him one and we always encourage him to use his own creativity to make the costume. It's amazing what he comes up with. I'm sure his creativity will play a big part of his life when he's older.

January 17th

We didn't let this rainy day get us down. We jumped in the car and drove down PCH all the way to the Wedge. The waves weren't as big as we had hoped but it was still fun. The boys loved being at the beach when it was cold and rainy (actually only sprinkling). They climb a few tress and played in the sand. We got in the car just in time - right before it started pouring!

January 18th - making puppets

January 22nd - making necklaces out of Cheerios

I had to snap the picture quickly because they ate them up right away

Loving the cowboy boots and jammies / jacket look

Ugh..the bathroom project.
We had a toilet leak which resulted in us tearing up the toilet, then the tile to see the sub floor underneath then ultimately realizing that the bathroom was a wreck and needed serious help. This was on January 24th. Sadly, he has not found any time to get back to this project which means we only have 1 bathroom for all of us :-( and the one we do have is in our bedroom - ugh again! Oh well, it will be done one day.

These two pictures of Branden were taken by Benjamin. I have to tell you that kid is pretty good with the camera.

He begged to help

Here's video of my Mr. Incredible helping out in the bathroom


Andrea said...

what great pictures! I was thinking last night that I need to do more posts for the kids. This is a perfect way to document a whole month at a time. Oh, and Syd was watching the video of Benjamin and he kept asking "what he wearing?" I have to get on ebay and get him some dress up clothes! It was good seeing the boys last night :) I gave them a big hug goodbye!

Grammy and Grampy said...

What GREAT fun, these are the things they will remember for ever! You are AWESOME Parents!

The Beard Family of 5 said...

Those are such great pictures!! Now really, what would jammies be without cowboy boots, and what would a bathroom helper be without a Mr. Incredible costume on? I am SO impressed that you went to the beach despite the yucky weather, I could never do that... your awesome! xoxo