Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Latest update on Brent

Below is the latest update from my sister and Ed regarding Brent's condition. I am pleased to be passing along such a great update. I also feel super lucky to have had a wonderful visit with him last Friday (3/19). Although, I know he has a long way to go in his recovery I believe it would be wrong of us not to celebrate his accomplishments and how hard he is working. He amazed me on Friday with his strength and determination. I felt that he and I connected and communicated (non verbally) with one another - my heart was filled with joy when I was with him.

We were blessed to have been told that Jack and Ben could go to the waiting room up on Brent's floor. We were eventually told by the head nurse that was incorrect and that they would need to go back down to the main lobby but before they were sent down stairs Brent was able to come out of his room for a little wheel chair ride. Yep - the boys got to see their cousin! It was AWESOME!!! I am confident that Brent was happy to see them and of course the boys were so excited to see Brent. It was a wonderful, tear filled visit. The three of them shared several special moments together. There is no question in my mind that Brent worked very hard to connect with his cousins. Although he was unable to speak to them he still made them feel special. They haven't stopped talking about seeing their "Brenty". I drove home from the hospital that day on cloud 9!!

Brent continues to make great progress - check out what Ed and Mingie have shared below. Thank you for caring about our family. Your love and prayers are working.

New Update from Mom and Dad - Wednesday, March 24th

Hi Everyone,

After 6 weeks Brent has now been moved out of the critical care unit to a room on the same floor in pediatrics. YEAH!!! Today, during speech therapy, he successfully ate a bowl of peaches and drank some apple juice and water. For now his main source of nutrition will continue to be through the G tube, but over time of course the goal is to lessen the G tube feeding and return to a normal diet Brent is improving daily with this process.

The Physical and occupational therapy is going well also. He is now moving his right leg more each day. His right hand and arm are now moving a little more and with assistance he is standing up next to his bed. His legs are doing a little better each day with supporting his weight while standing,

Brent seems to recognize his Family and on occasion, in this last week, has even chosen to give us each a brief, yet very satisfying hug. WHAT AN AWESOME FEELING!!!!

God has listened to ALL of our prayers and is providing Brent and our Family with the strength to recover and be able to move forward, one hour and one day at a time. Please God give this same strength to EVERYONE in their daily lives and especially to ALL of YOU, who have prayed for Brent and our Family. In Jesus name AMEN

We will update the site this weekend to share Brent's newest accomplishments.

Love Ed and Mingie and Family


Crooked Moon Mama said...

Woo-hoo! Geat update Nicole. :)
Still keeping you all in my thoughts. See you tomorrow?

Greta said...

Oh wow! This made me cry with tears of joy. What a family of fighters you all are. I pray for Brent daily and I am so, so happy for the good news. It is amazing.
Thanks for keeping us up to date.

Paurvi Trivedi said...

Thank you for update. Glad that he is doing better. We will continue to pray for him.