Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Latest two updates on Brent

UPDATE ON BRENT.........Saturday 3/6 (Monday's update below)

Hi everyone

Brent went in for surgery early this morning. The doctor said the reason for the surgery was to remove excess fluids and dried blood from the left side of his brain. The doctor said the surgery went well and said that if Brent does well over the weekend that he will perform surgery on Monday and surgically reinstall the bone flap on the right side of Brents skull. He hopes that this will further help Brent in his recovery. Thanks be to God!!!

Brent is recovering from this mornings surgery and the doctors expect him to rest today. He will remain in the care of the PICU during this time. Our Family thanks you for your continued prayers and support. You are ALL amazing and wonderful people and we remain strong in our Faith that God has a plan for Brent.

We wanted to acknowledge ALL of you that have donated your hard earned money to Brent and our Family. There are way too many of you to thank right now, but in time we will cross paths again and we can thank you personally. Please know that we sincerely appreciate your kindness and generosity and you have ALL helped our Family through this experience both emotionally and financially. A special THANK YOU to Brents friends who have collected monies from local business and delivered to Mingie at the hospital. You guys are awesome!!! When Brent is recovered we will certainly have a celebration and even though Brent may not agree on the location, it WILL be at our house. lol

Anyway have a terrific and safe weekend and we will plan on an update following Brents surgery on Monday. Just a reminder to the kids that the streets may be wet today and your vehicles should be a no cell phone zone. The call or the text can wait until you are safely parked. When your phone rings or you want to shoot a text to your friends, just think of your friend Brent and it will help you to remember. Will talk to you all on Monday. God bless you

Our Love to you ALL

Ed and Mingie


Brents Surgery....Monday 3/8

Hi everyone,

Hope you all had a good Monday! Mingie and I wanted to let you all know that Brents surgery went well today. We just left him at the hospital and the nurses are doing their very best to keep Brent comfortable, following surgery today. He is using his strength and giving the nurses, us and his Grandparents all we can handle during his wakeful times. These are definite signs of the Brent we all know and Love.This strength will be helpful during his rehabilitation, but for tonight we are praying for him to get a good nights rest.

Thank you for your continued prayers for our son and the wonderful meals. We remain positive and hopeful that this week and the weeks to follow, Brents condition will continue to improve. Sleep well and we will keep you posted on Brents progress.


The Sirignano Family

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