Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Making Lemonade

Back in January a friend gave us some lemons, so what else could we do but make lemonade.

Benjamin wasn't to interested in smelling the freshly cute lemon. He wanted to get right down to business.

Here's Benjamin in action with his own unique squeezing method

Jack was much more willing to smell the lemon

However, he clearly didn't like the smell

Jack did a great squeezing the lemons to get lots of juice

Here's Jack in action

We threw in some basic math and measurements to add to the fun :-)

The boys loved the "cooking" part just as much

Of course Annabelle was there too. She was in her high chair eating a little sweat potatoes and enjoying all the activity.

Thanks Annie for the lemons! We all had fun and really enjoyed the lemonade


christine mcclain said...

How fun! Of course I just laughed out loud when it ended with that pict of Annabelle! =)

Kari Thomas said...

sooo sweet. your family is beautiful