Monday, March 29, 2010

Family time

There's really nothing better! Today had it's challenges but also had some great moments to. Time outside as a family was one of them. Thank you for the fun kites Samantha and Delaney.

I am SO behind (once again) on blogging and I have so many great moments and pictures from the month to share. I hope to work on it a bit this week. Thanks for not giving up on me and continuing to check in on us from time to time.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Now that's some poor communication!

I think it's really sad that this (click on the word this) is how my mom found out today that she was loosing her job. A job that she has had for over 10 years.

Very disappointing. She really enjoyed working there with all of her friends surrounded by fabric.

My Crafty Friends are having a Craft Fair Today!

A few of my super crafty good friends are hosting a Spring Craft Fair today. If you are local to the Long Beach / Los Alamitos area you should definitely stop by and do a little shopping.

You can check out two of their blogs to get a sneak peek at some of what they are selling.

Here's Andrea's blog from Baby Taylored

Here's Laura's Blog from Crooked Moon

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Oh no, I could be a stage mom!

Ok, not really but it is super fun when the boys get to do photo shoots at Lakeshore. Branden works there so it's a whole fun experience for them. They get to dress up and take pictures, see their dad during the day, see their dad's office and all his friends. They "earn" a gift certificate to the store and usually walk away with some small toy from Branden or one of his co-workers office.

So the boys went down this past Tuesday to do a photo shoot together. This was their first one together and it was ADORABLE!! It's so hard because I can't ever show the pictures (although I have seen them) until a decision has been made and they have been published on the web or in the catalog. This weeks shoot was for the web and was a Father's Day advertisement (so cute!). So, if their pictures are chosen I will post the link when it's up on the web in June or if they aren't chose I will post the pictures after Father's Day.

I remembered that Jack did a photo shoot last April that I was so excited about. It was a cover for a special holiday catalog. He wasn't chosen but I think it was super cute! We had to wait until after Christmas to share it and honestly I forgot until this week.

So, here it is - Jack's first (almost) magazine Cover!

I can't believe how little he looks. Would his cute face make you want to buy those dinosaurs?

Latest update on Brent

Below is the latest update from my sister and Ed regarding Brent's condition. I am pleased to be passing along such a great update. I also feel super lucky to have had a wonderful visit with him last Friday (3/19). Although, I know he has a long way to go in his recovery I believe it would be wrong of us not to celebrate his accomplishments and how hard he is working. He amazed me on Friday with his strength and determination. I felt that he and I connected and communicated (non verbally) with one another - my heart was filled with joy when I was with him.

We were blessed to have been told that Jack and Ben could go to the waiting room up on Brent's floor. We were eventually told by the head nurse that was incorrect and that they would need to go back down to the main lobby but before they were sent down stairs Brent was able to come out of his room for a little wheel chair ride. Yep - the boys got to see their cousin! It was AWESOME!!! I am confident that Brent was happy to see them and of course the boys were so excited to see Brent. It was a wonderful, tear filled visit. The three of them shared several special moments together. There is no question in my mind that Brent worked very hard to connect with his cousins. Although he was unable to speak to them he still made them feel special. They haven't stopped talking about seeing their "Brenty". I drove home from the hospital that day on cloud 9!!

Brent continues to make great progress - check out what Ed and Mingie have shared below. Thank you for caring about our family. Your love and prayers are working.

New Update from Mom and Dad - Wednesday, March 24th

Hi Everyone,

After 6 weeks Brent has now been moved out of the critical care unit to a room on the same floor in pediatrics. YEAH!!! Today, during speech therapy, he successfully ate a bowl of peaches and drank some apple juice and water. For now his main source of nutrition will continue to be through the G tube, but over time of course the goal is to lessen the G tube feeding and return to a normal diet Brent is improving daily with this process.

The Physical and occupational therapy is going well also. He is now moving his right leg more each day. His right hand and arm are now moving a little more and with assistance he is standing up next to his bed. His legs are doing a little better each day with supporting his weight while standing,

Brent seems to recognize his Family and on occasion, in this last week, has even chosen to give us each a brief, yet very satisfying hug. WHAT AN AWESOME FEELING!!!!

God has listened to ALL of our prayers and is providing Brent and our Family with the strength to recover and be able to move forward, one hour and one day at a time. Please God give this same strength to EVERYONE in their daily lives and especially to ALL of YOU, who have prayed for Brent and our Family. In Jesus name AMEN

We will update the site this weekend to share Brent's newest accomplishments.

Love Ed and Mingie and Family

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

This week so far

I have so much to blog about (good and not so good) but I am so tired. It's only Wednesday but it's been a long week already. It's been mostly good and I am so thankful for that.

The weather has been beautiful and we are all adjusting nicely to the time change :-) I plan to write more details and post pictures soon, but I wanted to just write a short update, especially for those waiting details about SB Clinic.

Monday was a beautiful beach day with all 3 kids. It was hard, but GREAT!! We were there 4 hours and really enjoyed ourselves.

Tuesday, Annabelle has her first developmental assessment and it went GREAT! Pictures and more details to be posted on Annabelle's blog soon. Annabelle also had SB Clinic where she met with the Urologist. It went well and amazingly we WON'T be starting cathing this month. Possibly in three months, but will explain in more detail soon. The boys spent the day with their Grammy at the LB Towne Center splash pad, had Super Mex for lunch & ice cream - lucky boys!

Wednesday (today) was a HAPPY St. Patrick's Day for us. Lots of fun stuff with the kids and then water play with friends in the afternoon. It was a HOT, HOT day!!

I feel blessed to have had these beautiful days with my children this week. I am still deeply worried about my God Son Brent who was seriously injured in a car accident the first week of February. He has whats called a global brain injury and although he is making progress it is going to be a very long road ahead of him. He is a fighter and I know that he is fighting hard. My sister and her husband are having challenges securing an appropriate place for Brent to go for his rehabilitation due to restrictions on their health insurance policy. This is very frustrating! Once again money and insurance bureaucracies stand in the way of someone getting the care they need. I believe they will be posting an update date tomorrow so I will post that once I get it. I haven't been to the hospital in 2 weeks and it's breaking my heart.

Lastly, my dear sweet Wella (my grand mother), she has been in a sub acute hospital for almost 2 years now. I don't even have the words right now to explain how I feel. I love her and I am sad for her. I miss her, my boys miss her and I wish she could meet my sweet Annabelle. She is not the wonderful, vibrant lady she once was. Her body is failing her more and more each day and she deserves better than what these last two years have given her. I hope she knows how very much she means to me and how much I love and admire her love and dedication to her family.

Good night friends. Thanks for caring enough to check in on us and read my little family blog.


Saturday, March 13, 2010

The beach makes everything better

February 22, 2010

It had been one of those mornings and I knew something needed to change to make it a better day. I told the kids to pack up their sand toys we were going to the beach! You should have seen their faces, you would have thought I told them there was an elephant in the front room. They were excited and shocked at the same time. I take the kids a lot of places, really I do, but I have never taken all 3 to the beach - ON MY OWN!!!

I did it and it was GREAT! We had a lot of fun and I can't wait to do it again.

"At the beach, life is different. Time doesn't move hour to hour but mood to moment. We live by the currents, plan by the tides and follow the sun."- Unknown

Check out our set up. I brought it all - rolled the stroller right down on the sand, had the Bumbo seat (which she didn't even use) and the pop up tent (which was a total life saver!)

I nursed Annabelle right when we got there and she took a nice 45 minute nap in the tent

Benjamin enjoyed digging and building sand castles. Yes, he has started wearing his shirts backwards again. What can you do? Thank goodness he's cute.

My sweeties pie Jack, wearing his favorite shirt that he got at the Jana Alayra concert

Getting ready to get their toes wet

The boys trying so hard to pull in the buoys. I loved watching them work together.

Jack writing his name in the sand.

Finally in the water! Once they were in they didn't want to get out

Yes, Benjamin got soaked and had to ride home in his undies - he didn't mind

After Annabelle woke, she enjoyed snuggling with me in the Ergo

It was a beautiful day! We were there for about 3 hours, but could have stayed much longer. Unfortunately I ran out of change to pay the meter. Next time I will plan better. Although, one of the cool things about the day was that it wasn't planned, we just did it. When I sent Branden a text and picture of us at the beach he was so happy (I'm sure a bit jealous too) and excited that we made the most of the beautiful day.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Latest two updates on Brent

UPDATE ON BRENT.........Saturday 3/6 (Monday's update below)

Hi everyone

Brent went in for surgery early this morning. The doctor said the reason for the surgery was to remove excess fluids and dried blood from the left side of his brain. The doctor said the surgery went well and said that if Brent does well over the weekend that he will perform surgery on Monday and surgically reinstall the bone flap on the right side of Brents skull. He hopes that this will further help Brent in his recovery. Thanks be to God!!!

Brent is recovering from this mornings surgery and the doctors expect him to rest today. He will remain in the care of the PICU during this time. Our Family thanks you for your continued prayers and support. You are ALL amazing and wonderful people and we remain strong in our Faith that God has a plan for Brent.

We wanted to acknowledge ALL of you that have donated your hard earned money to Brent and our Family. There are way too many of you to thank right now, but in time we will cross paths again and we can thank you personally. Please know that we sincerely appreciate your kindness and generosity and you have ALL helped our Family through this experience both emotionally and financially. A special THANK YOU to Brents friends who have collected monies from local business and delivered to Mingie at the hospital. You guys are awesome!!! When Brent is recovered we will certainly have a celebration and even though Brent may not agree on the location, it WILL be at our house. lol

Anyway have a terrific and safe weekend and we will plan on an update following Brents surgery on Monday. Just a reminder to the kids that the streets may be wet today and your vehicles should be a no cell phone zone. The call or the text can wait until you are safely parked. When your phone rings or you want to shoot a text to your friends, just think of your friend Brent and it will help you to remember. Will talk to you all on Monday. God bless you

Our Love to you ALL

Ed and Mingie


Brents Surgery....Monday 3/8

Hi everyone,

Hope you all had a good Monday! Mingie and I wanted to let you all know that Brents surgery went well today. We just left him at the hospital and the nurses are doing their very best to keep Brent comfortable, following surgery today. He is using his strength and giving the nurses, us and his Grandparents all we can handle during his wakeful times. These are definite signs of the Brent we all know and Love.This strength will be helpful during his rehabilitation, but for tonight we are praying for him to get a good nights rest.

Thank you for your continued prayers for our son and the wonderful meals. We remain positive and hopeful that this week and the weeks to follow, Brents condition will continue to improve. Sleep well and we will keep you posted on Brents progress.


The Sirignano Family

Friday, March 5, 2010

Moments I want to remember - January 2010

I used to be a scrapboooker and I loved it, but unfortunately I just don't find the time to drag out all of the supplies and actually get anything done anymore. However, I still want to document all the moments in our lives. Some are big and some are small but they all make up who we are and I want to make sure that somehow we remember them.

So now I blog. I am not a very timely blogger or the most creative, but I'm doing it. I love my family and I love the special moments we share together. I hope this blog will help us never forget the "moments" that make up our life. Through all the craziness of having two preschoolers and an infant with special needs we do have a lot of fun. We are blessed in so many ways (I admit, I get overwhelmed and don't always see it). I am thankful for these moments with my children and always want to remember them.

Here's Jack coloring his boy picture that he got in his backpack at Kindergarten Fest. I can't even believe that my baby boy will be heading off to Kindergarten in just a few months. It really went by so fast - he's ready though and I know he will do GREAT!

Here's my creative little man in his self-made Nutcracker costume. Jack LOVES playing dress up and he's so creative. Whenever he gets inspired to dress up he typically will ask us to buy or make him a new costume. We rarely buy him one and we always encourage him to use his own creativity to make the costume. It's amazing what he comes up with. I'm sure his creativity will play a big part of his life when he's older.

January 17th

We didn't let this rainy day get us down. We jumped in the car and drove down PCH all the way to the Wedge. The waves weren't as big as we had hoped but it was still fun. The boys loved being at the beach when it was cold and rainy (actually only sprinkling). They climb a few tress and played in the sand. We got in the car just in time - right before it started pouring!

January 18th - making puppets

January 22nd - making necklaces out of Cheerios

I had to snap the picture quickly because they ate them up right away

Loving the cowboy boots and jammies / jacket look

Ugh..the bathroom project.
We had a toilet leak which resulted in us tearing up the toilet, then the tile to see the sub floor underneath then ultimately realizing that the bathroom was a wreck and needed serious help. This was on January 24th. Sadly, he has not found any time to get back to this project which means we only have 1 bathroom for all of us :-( and the one we do have is in our bedroom - ugh again! Oh well, it will be done one day.

These two pictures of Branden were taken by Benjamin. I have to tell you that kid is pretty good with the camera.

He begged to help

Here's video of my Mr. Incredible helping out in the bathroom

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Making Lemonade

Back in January a friend gave us some lemons, so what else could we do but make lemonade.

Benjamin wasn't to interested in smelling the freshly cute lemon. He wanted to get right down to business.

Here's Benjamin in action with his own unique squeezing method

Jack was much more willing to smell the lemon

However, he clearly didn't like the smell

Jack did a great squeezing the lemons to get lots of juice

Here's Jack in action

We threw in some basic math and measurements to add to the fun :-)

The boys loved the "cooking" part just as much

Of course Annabelle was there too. She was in her high chair eating a little sweat potatoes and enjoying all the activity.

Thanks Annie for the lemons! We all had fun and really enjoyed the lemonade

Rainbow Harbor - January 16th

It was a beautiful day so we decided to head to the water and walk around. The boys rode the ferris wheel while Annabelle and I watched. It was a fun family day and I'm sad it took so long to share the pictures.

Nothing is better than a beautiful day, outdoors with the family