Wednesday, August 12, 2009


What an amazing turn of events today. We were just going through our "normal" hospital routine (as normal as it can be) when things started looking up for us.

1. I had been working with the lactation consultant and she was finally starting to see some better sucking and swallowing action. My little girl likes to cuddle up with mommy but she doesn't seem to be doing a lot of eating. They call it: non-nutritive sucking. They said it's very common in babies who have been through surgeries, trauma or are separated from their mommies. This was our best day by far.

2. Then we got the "unofficial" positive results from the hearing exam.

3. Then Dr. Javehery, our wonderful Neurosurgeon came in to check Annabelle's 3 incisions. The head and the abdomen are healing fine with no signs of infection. The back is still very open and will be an open wound (prone to infection) for quite some time because it was such a large lesion / opening. SO the decision he was faced with was to either keep Annabelle in the hospital several more weeks or send us home and let her back heel at home with proper wound care.

Letting us come home was what he chose. We were overjoyed with excitement! We all cried and hugged and immediately started working on the discharge paperwork, etc.

Although she is up 4oz from her birth weight, weighing 4lbs. 14 oz now she is still so tiny.

She didn't cry once in her car seat or on the ride home.

We were just a bit excited!

This was the best birthday present Branden could have ever asked for. His birthday is Thursday, August 13th so being able to wake up with all 3 of his children home was just a joy!

Thank you all again for the payers, love and support we have and hope to continue to receive for our daughter. It's wonderful to know the we are not alone in this journey.


ErinBW said...

I am so happy for you guys! She is really beautiful She seems to look a lot like Jack and her Mama.

christine mcclain said...

What a wonderful post to read! And Happy Birthday to Branden! I look forward to reading about your journey and seeing the lovely pictures. You continue to be in my thoughts everyday, and I hope that you will let us all help out as your need it..


Mary said...

YAY!!! We are so incredibly happy for the good news regarding her hearing and that Annabelle is home. Happy birthday wishes to Branden. We will continute to keep your family in our prayers.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Branden!!!!
So happy for you ALL!
PLenty of love, hugs and kisses,
Laura and the fam

Becca said...

We are so excited for all of this wonderful news!! Yay! We will continue praying... :D

Anonymous said...

What wonderful news! What a wonderful way to end such a wild and emotional ride. (and what a wonderful birthday present for Branden). Jack and Ben must be overjoyed to have their baby Belle home!

Cathy O said...


cielorothphoto said...

Thinking so much about you guys. Much love...

Anonymous said...

We have been following your blog for awhile and are so excited for you all that Annabelle is home! You are in our daily thoughts and prayers here in Kansas. Happy late Birthday Branden!!

The Evans Family,
Ben, Amy, Clayton, Bailey, Ashlynn, and coiming Oct 09, Chloey

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Branden!! How wonderful to read your latest great news!! Prayers continue for all of you.

Marjorie Mares

5chamberlins said...

Praise God!! So glad that you are ALL home :o)
Happy belated birthday wishes and all our love to Branden!! May God's blessings be upon you in your next year!! XOXO