Friday, August 28, 2009

In the middle

of these two beautiful babes is where I slept today.

After I got the boys down for their naps I went in to nurse Annabelle and realized that I was EXHAUSTED! I tried to keep my eyes open but wasn't doing a very good job. I had luck in the past nursing the boys lying down, however, that was when they were much bigger than Annabelle is now. I thought I'd give it a try since I was literally falling over with tiredness.

So, we gave it a try and it worked! My little miss was a pro., okay not exactly a pro. but it worked and we both ultimately fell asleep. I'm not sure how much later, but Jack wandered in still sleepy eyed and he got in bed with us. I had my little girl on one side and my big boy on the other. We all slept so well!

Of course when I woke at 4 pm (oops!) I was a huge sweaty mess. I sat up and then saw my sweet little ones still snoozing away. I only had my camera phone handy, but it captured the moment. I enjoyed looking at their sweet little faces for a bit longer than figured I better wake them and Benjamin up who was snoozing away the afternoon in his room.

Branden was slightly confused when he got home from work and Jack said "Daddy we just woke up"! It was a nice and cozy afternoon.


Mommy of three said...

Sometimes you just have to take a nap. It might mean dinner will be late (or that dinner will be pb and js) and it might mean that certain little boys will go to bed much later than they should, but you still have to do it.
I'm glad you are letting yourself take a nap on occasion. And Annabelle is looking so cute.

The Beard Family of 5 said...

those are the best days, when you just let it happen.... it seems like your body was telling ( or rather demanding ) you something! LOVE the pictures!!!