Monday, August 10, 2009

Day of Disappointments

On Friday when we arrived at the hospital all eager and excited to take our daughter home we were sadly told that she would not be going home that day. We were understandably disappointed and a bit discouraged. Honestly, it wasn't that she wasn't coming home that day, it was the reason she wasn't coming home that we were so sad.

The results from her bladder test (I can't remember the official name) came back and unfortunately the results were not as positive as we were hoping for. They determined that Annabelle is not fully emptying her bladder. Although she is urinating, it appears that she leaves some left in her bladder. The problem with this is that it makes her more susceptible to getting urinary tract infections as well as possibly putting undue pressure on her kidneys. They did what they referred to as an "in and out" catheter to see how much was left. This was very difficult to watch, however, she really didn't seem bothered by it at all. There were 7cc that drained out (which isn't very much) but it was enough for her neonatologist (the Dr. who takes care of her in the NICU) to contact the urologist. He will be coming to see Annabelle on Monday morning.

They were also concerned about her shunt incision. Her morning nurse indicated that she felt some wetness on the outside of her head incision. This was really bad news and caused a lot of concern. Her neurosurgon (who we love) was called and came to to look at her immediately. He did not see anything but wanted it closely monitored and he was to be paged if there was any more wetness or redness detected. He also ordered an antibiotic cream to be applied to her back twice a day.

The two Dr.'s talked and decided that it was best that Annabelle stay a few more day's to ensure that her incisions were healing without infection and that she could meet with the urologist on Monday to be evaluated.

Later that day we met with the Pediatric Physical Therapist who taught us some Range of Motion exercises that we need to do twice a day with Annabelle's legs, thighs, knees, ankles and feet. Of course Annabelle slept right through it when the PT was demonstrating how to do it but decided to wake up an fuss when it was my turn. She's already starting to act like her brothers!


Sarah Hull said...

Oh my, I'm so sorry about these disappointments. It can feel so discouraging at times. One day you're on top of the world with good news, only to be knocked down the next day. That's hard.
I wish you luch with the urologist today. (was it a VCUG test that was done the other day)?
When we had to start cathing Katie, I was a wreck! That was the last thing I wanted to do. I thought it was going to be terrible. But really, it isn't that bad and you get used to it super fast. Typically it does not hurt the baby at all and now that Katie can talk and express how she feels, she tells us how much better she feels once she is cathed and her bladder is emptied.
You're in our thoughts and prayers during this time.
Take care.

Colleen Gates said...

Hi you guys!
We feel for you and know how discouraging new results can be sometimes. We have learned that the extra time at the hospital is so much better than going home and worrying, and then having to go back again. Especially with checking on the shunt incision. Always keep an eye on that and don't hesitate to keep calling your neurosurgeon if you see changes. She is in good hands and surrounded by so much love. I love the big girl bed Grammy put together!

We are still keeping you all close in our prayers. Don't hesitate to call, for any reason. I love all the new photos! Make sure to take care of yourselves too...

Lots of love,
Gates Family

Anonymous said...

Hi Nicole. Just wanted to let you know that I've been praying for you guys and Annabelle abd will continue to do so as the days progress. May God be very near to you all and shower you with his grace, mercy and peace. Blessings, Alecia Streelman (Cheryl's neighbor;-)