Thursday, August 20, 2009

Growing up is hard to do!

Benjamin started preschool this week.

Jack and Benjamin are both now attending preschool on Tuesday's and Thursday's. We had all felt really good about this decision until Tuesday (8/18) came and the morning didn't go as expected. It was a very emotional day for all of us. The teachers (Mrs. Watts and Ms. Clay) were both super great about keeping us informed throughout the day on his progress. He did settle down, although it took longer than I was personally comfortable with. I was very close to just bringing him right home with us and waiting another six months or so. Our original plan was to start him in January (when he turns 3) like we did with Jack. However, we opted not to because he wouldn't be guaranteed a spot if I didn't start him now (he is 2 years 7 mos.)

When we returned to pick him up he seemed fine, not his typical smiley self but he was okay. I felt happier than when I left but still super sad and confused if this is the right decision.

The major saving grace of the day was Jack. Jack REALLY stepped up as the comforting and protective big brother. He went over to Ben's classroom several times throughout the day to check on him and to play with him. Jack even drew his brother a picture, wrote him a letter and picked him a flower (nice, but against the school rules - oops!)

Our boys sure do love each other (most of the time!)

Clowning around before heading into school

It's a beautiful, spacious campus with lots for the boys to do.


As I write this entry it is Thursday morning and I am eagerly waiting to get reports back from Branden on how drop off is going. We decided it would be best that I don't go this time as it may have been harder for Ben having me there. He is still my baby - I am very lucky to have 3 babies now and it's VERY hard for me to see them cry!

Branden just sent me a text saying that Ben was fine until he had to leave - well that's typical and to be expected. Then Jack wandered over to see Ben and I guess that helped a lot. Benjamin's class was making pancakes and Branden sent me a short video of the boys at the griddle. The video was taken with Branden's camera off of the computer screen where parents can observe their children. Ben isn't crying in the video and they look happy together. I am so glad my boys have each other. I hope they will always value each other, develop a true friendship and learn to lean on each other in times of need as siblings should. Jack just went back to his own classroom and now Ben is crying again. This is very hard for me! Yeah, a new video text just came through and it's Benjamin flipping pancakes all by himself. He seems super happy - thank goodness!

When we picked the boys up and it appeared that Benjamin had a GREAT day! His teachers said he had 2 short sad moments but they were super brief and that was it. They said he participated, ate his lunch well, didn't have a potty accident and he took his nap. That is all really wonderful stuff. We feel so much better. This was a very hard decision for us to put Ben in preschool right now. We know there are many great benefits and with Annabelle having SO many doctors appointments we really felt it was the right decision, but there was no way I was going to do it with him so terribly upset. We have been warned that he might be sad again at drop off for a few more times but they are confident it will get better each week. We are super hopeful!

The picture Jack drew for Benjamin

The note Jack "wrote" to Benjamin


5chamberlins said...

Thank you for fulfilling my request for this entry - I knew you would have some great picts of their first day and I couldn't wait to see!!! :o)
Really do think this will be a great thing for all of you and I am going to hold that sweet boy close in prayer that each day at preschool becomes more and more of a joy for him!!
The part about Jack visiting brought tears to my eyes - It is those moments that make it all worth while!!
Give them hugs and kisses from us!!!

Grammy and Grampy said...

Oh we are sooo glad Thursday went well, we were anxious to hear. And Jack, such a great big brother, I have seen him in this mode many times and it just warms my heart. We pray next week just gets easier. Our love to all.

Joanna said...

Hi! My baby boy is waking up just as I start to write this but I wanted to tell you I found your blog through Sarah Hull and although I haven't had a chance to read your story in detail yet - I share a connection with your little belle. :) My little Jet has spina bifida too and his incision looked practically identical to your little girl's so I can't wait to read more about your story. Jet is 3 months old now and doing fabulous but I know what a journey we've been through and I know how great it is to see other healthy happy babies who have been through the same journey. :) So it's SO nice to meet you and I'll be checking back in when my little man gives me another chance to sit down! lol. We have a blog too - - God bless you and congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Awww, Jack is such a sweet big brother--you must be so proud! I am sure school will just get better and better for Ben as he realizes how much fun can be had and better understands that you will be back soon enough to pick him up. Hang in there--as hard as it can be on the little ones, it is also pretty hard on mom and dad!--Terry

Greta said...

I wish I would have known about your blog sooner--I'd have been reading it long before now. It is good to get ALL the family updates.
Doesn't it just warm your heart to see your boys loving and helping each other. They are so blessed to have each other.
I love the new picture of the 3 of them. Those boys love thier baby sister. You can see it. It brought tears to my eyes. You have a beautiful family. Little Annabelle Grace is such an amazing addition.
Always praying for you 5.
Love from Greta