Friday, July 10, 2009

Our fun filled week!

We stayed home on Monday morning and played in the backyard. The boys (mostly Jack) didn't want to go into the pool because it had too much grass in it. Some how we came up with the fun idea of "cleaning" up all of the backyard stuff. They cleaned the pool, the slide, their cars and even a few other plastic backyard toys. It made for a fun way to cool off and spend the morning. They eventually ended up cleaning each other and were completely soaked.

Jack had fun "cleaning" the slide and the umbrella stand.

Ben was very diligent when cleaning his car.

On Wednesday morning it was SUPER hot and the boys and I needed something to do. We played at the house until about 11:00 and then we packed up and headed over to the Mayfair Park wading pool. We haven't done wading pools much since we have had a membership to the local JCC pool the last two summers, but not this year. It was a bit crowded and they couldn't show off their "under water" skills but it was fun and kept them cool.
Thankfully, they like being together and I am grateful to be able to be with them.

Jack said the water was really cold, but he seemed to have fun.

Brotherly love (ha ha). The love to lay in the sun after getting wet.

It's amazing how just using a cookie cutter to cut their sandwiches into dinosaurs makes them taste SO much better. They each ate 2 dino sandwiches without any fuss.

On Wednesday night we went to Music in the Park at Los Cerrtos Park. It was a very nice night. The kids played really well with their friends and Branden and I actually got to sit and visit with ours. Jack "reconnected" with an old friend (from last summer) Anna Kate. They had SO much fun running around, holding hands and lying together near the tree. They were both super sad when the concert was over...until next week little ones :-)

Benjamin wanted to hold little Katie - it was so cute. He was hugging her and stroking her face. I think he's practing for the aarival of his baby sister.

Here's some of our good friends having fun at the park. It was Italian night (we do a weekly themed potluck) and Cassidy seemed to REALLY enjoy the spaghetti.

On Friday, the boys and I went to story time at the Dana Library on Atlantic and then to our friend Wendy Hammer's house for a splish, splash play date. She had several pools and a fun water slide for the kids. Thank you Wendy for your hospitality!

Now that's a BIG backyard water slide!

It was a good week, but a very long week. As you can see I did not do a good job at resting or staying off my feet. Not sure that is actually possible with two very active little boys. In between all of this fun stuff I actually went to two fetal monitoring appointments, the grocery store twice, target, the mall and a few other boring errands not worth mentioning. Branden has been working long hours at the office and has been working very hard here at home. We are trying very hard to get the house as ready as possible for baby # 3. It is still hard to believe in a matter of weeks we will have THREE children and a precious little girl. We are scared, tired, overwhelmed (at times) but are doing our best to not forget at the end of the day how truly blessed we are.

We hope you had a good week!

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