Sunday, July 12, 2009

It's too early!!

I'm 33 weeks along and I've been having what I believe to be contractions since about 5:00 pm tonight - NOT GOOD!!

It started out as pretty bad cramping and has eased up quite a bit. However, my stomach is still getting very tight - not sure how often, I need to time it. My acid reflux is super bad and I feel like everything I've eaten today wants to come up. Granted I have eaten a lot of sweets today :-0

Thankfully I have my fetal monitoring in the morning at 9:00 so if anything real is going on we will know for sure in the morning.

Please pray with us that our precious girl is just being super active (somersaults, jumping jacks, etc.) and that her time to come is not now - it really is to early!

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Colleen Gates said...

Hi guys,

At work just reading your updates. I'm praying that she'll wait a little longer :) Just wanted you to know we are thinking about you. Hope you can find someone to help give you some downtime today, wish I could help...

It was wonderful to meet all your friends and family on Saturday night. Having dessert for dinner was the best. They threw a great shower! You are blessed in so many ways.

Love, Gates Family