Thursday, July 2, 2009

It's Twinkle Time!

The boys and I had so much fun on Monday (June 29th) when we attended the Twinkle and Friends Concert at Bella Terra in Huntington Beach. We try and go to the free (we love free) performances at least twice a month if we can. In the past we have seen magicians, jugglers, mimes and singers but this was the first time we felt like we were at a concert. Jack had SO much fun! Ben was a bit more reserved this time and didn't want his picture taken but he was definitely enjoying the show.

Funny and Twinkle rocking out!

Jack was really studying the dance moves and of course their costumes so that he could come home and duplicate it all. He and Benjamin have both been dancing and singing to Twinkle and friends all week long.

The group was very nice. The stuck around after the show and signed photo's (both boys got one) and took pictures with the kids. We even bought their CD.

It was a fun day and I have a feeling this wasn't the last time we will be seeing Twinkle and Friends if Jack and Benjamin have any say about it.

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