Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Get together with old friends

On Monday morning the boys and I met up with Laura and her girls and Sherisse and Bradley for a little playdate. We haven't all been together for a play date in a while so this was extra special. As the kids have gotten older, their schedules have gotten busier, Laura and I have added to our families and Sherisse and Bradley have moved out of the local area it's become harder to get together like we did in the early day's of motherhood.

Laura, Sherisse and I met in a Baby Dance class (2005) when the kids were just about 6 weeks old. We became instant friends and spent most of the kids first year together on stroller walks, park and beach playdates and just experiencing the world with our new little ones. On Monday, It was amazing to watch the kids play together now and to see their younger sibling bigger than these three were when they met just 4 short years ago. Most of my pictures from that first year are inaccessible right now (due to the bedroom project) but I will add them (as a cute comparison) once I can get to those disks.

The kids enjoyed playing dress up inside for a while then we all headed outside for a bit of splashing in the pool. It was a very nice morning and we look forward to doing it again soon. Thank you again Laura for your hospitality!

It truly doesn't get much cuter than this!
They stopped chasing each other to pose for this adorable picture.

PS - this was costume change #20 or so for Jack. He LOVES all of Finn's dress up clothes.

After swimming, the kids enjoyed some yummy peach muffins (made by Laura), orange wedges, edamame, organic crackers and of course some pirate booty!

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laura gallagher said...

How cute!! Thanks so much for blogging that day...it was special.