Monday, July 13, 2009

Fetal Monitoring

Quick update (I'm super tired!):

Monitoring went very well - Baby Girl was extremely active and they were pleased with her movement.

They believe my cramping yesterday was due to the heat and possible slight dehydration. The contractions I felts were most likely Braxton Hicks (the fake ones!) - YEAH! They want me to time and monitor them to be safe but they were not concerned after monitoring me for a full hour. I have been advised to increase my water and decrease my activity. I am trying to do both :-)

My mom was here with the boys from 9 - 1 while I went to the Dr.'s and to Trader Joe's and then to help wrangle the boys until nap time. THIS WAS A HUGE HELP!! I came home to very happy boys, we all ate lunch and now everyone is resting (YEAH)!!! I will post pictures from their fun morning in the pool with Grammy a bit later. I am going to sit, rest my eyes and drink my water.

THANK YOU MOM for helping me to start my week off right - I LOVE YOU!!


5chamberlins said...

SO glad that all went well!! What a good little girl you have ...:o)

Anonymous said...

We are in the home stretch! I am so glad you are saying that you are tired. I am getting so tired, I poop out at the end of the day, at like 8:00! I heard you had a great shower. Yay! What car seat did you get and what monitor. I need those two things and wondered what your thoughts were. Have a great day and good luck with the water and rest! :-) Cindy F

Grammy and Grampy said...

You are so very welcome my Sweet Girl. I love spending time with those adorable boys of yours, and knowing that it helps you makes it that much better. We love You So Much.