Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Update on Brent - 4/8 & 4/13 (emotional & exciting!)

Here's the latest on our nephew Brent. He is such a fighter and an inspiration!


Hello everyone,

The days go by faster than ever before! God continues to answer our prayers and Brent is progressing daily. He is very determined during his therapy sessions with the wonderful staff of CHOC and Mission hospital. Mingie and I would like to thank our parents for spending so much of their lives the past two months supporting Brent and counseling and caring for Mingie, Eddie and myself. Keith and Amanda have also been amazing! Papa Sirignano tells Brent that he is his hero. Papa continues to encourage Brent to use his right hand and Brent continues to work hard to please his Papa. Its very touching to witness this special bond. We are very blessed to have such caring and loving parents/grandparents in our lives.

It is clear to see that Brents conditioning and competitive spirit prior to the accident is playing a huge role during his rehabilitation sessions. Being part of the ET basketball program and years as an athlete are certain to help Brent with the challenges that lie ahead.

A HUGE THANK YOU to ALL who have supported our Family with prayers, meals, fundraisers and very touching messages and more! Your Love and support of our Family touches our hearts and though we may not have contacted you personally, or replied to a message, we know who you are and we will see you again and cant wait to give you ALL a big hug.

May God bless you and yours with good health and happiness.always!

Love Ed and Mingie, Eddie



Hello to ALL of you Brent supporters,

Mingie and I and our Family are extremely happy to report that Brent is continuing to make progress. After Brent passed his swallowing test and got a taste of real food It didn't take him him long to remember how to eat. He is now transferring from the bed to a wheelchair and eating real food. The G tube has been removed. He remains in the care of an amazing team of individuals at CHOC, at Mission hospital.

Brent is also talking now. He had mouthed the word mom prior to speaking, but his first vocalization happened when I mentioned Mariahs name and he responded by saying "Mariah". "I said yes, Mariah thats right" and then he held his hand up to his ear simulating a phone call and said " call her". I about fell out of my chair scrambling to get my phone. We called Mingie first and when she answered Brent said in a very quiet voice "hello this is Brent" and of course Mingie was overcome with happiness. To hear his beautiful voice again was the sweetest blessing ever. Mariah called when she heard of Brents request and spoke to Brent. It was quite a night. Thank you for returning our call Mariah! You always were and always will have a special place in our hearts and of course in Brents.

We transport him from his room in the hospital, in a wheelchair to therapy and he is working very hard to regain his strength and motor skills. His right side is improving, but is still much weaker than his left side, but he is working hard daily to improve. Please pray for his right side to continue to heal and for him to walk again on his own.

The doctors have told us that even bigger challenges lie ahead with many months and or years of therapy that Brent will require to relearn many skills, however, we feel VERY BLESSED right now that Brent is back with us and would like to THANK ALL of YOU from the bottom of our hearts, for your MANY MANY.....prayers and especially THANK GOD for answering our prayers!

Love Always,

Ed and Mingie and Family


Flighty Me said...

Thank you for the update Nicole. How amazed and excited your sister must have been to hear his voice on the other end of the phone.

Mommy of three said...

Oh my gosh. Your family is made up of fighters! I was in tears when I read the part about your nephew calling your sister. What an incredible thing it must have been for her to hear him. What a blessing. Thank you for sharing.
Love from Greta