Friday, April 23, 2010

Brent's AMAZING progress

I am so thankful for the wonderful visit I had with my nephew Brent today. He is truly amazing! There is no question that God has truly blessed our family. I honestly, do not have the words to express how blown away I am by his tremendous progress. His beautiful smile, the sparkle in his eyes and the happiness in his heart today moved me to tears. I could barely drive home I was so emotion filled. I will be forever humbled and amazed by his miraculous road to recovery. What an inspiration!

Brent was transferred a week and a half ago to St. Judes in Fullerton where he is being treated at their Regional Brain Injury Center. Here is the post from Ed on Brent's 2nd day at St. Judes.

UPDATE ON BRENT - 4/15/2010

Hello everyone,

The transition to St. Judes was a very smooth one for Brent. I think we were more nervous about leaving the care of CHOC than he was, at least I know I was. The team at CHOC is our Family now and leaving our new friends was not easy, however it was time for Brent and our Family to move on to next phase of recovery. We will certainly keep in touch with our new friends and update them on Brents progress.

The team at St.Judes is working with Brent daily and he continues to improve. His verbalization is improving and he is able to use his right side more each day and is getting stronger. He has even walked with the aid of a walker, during Physical therapy. Day by day Brents determination is very evident as he regains his independency and he continues to work very hard towards his goal of coming home. We do not know yet when that will be, but we will expect that after Brent comes home, he will then participate in an outpatient rehab program for many months and a educational program designed for brain injury patients. where he will continue to improve his reading, writing, understanding and problem solving skills. We are very encouraged with his progress and THANK YOU ALL for your prayers and SUPPORT during this time and we Thank God that Brent is here with us.

Whatever Gods plan is for Brent and our Family, we will continue to follow His lead and let Him guide us in our lives. May God Bless ALL of you and yours, as he has done and continues to do for our Family.

All our Love

Ed and Mingie

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