Monday, April 26, 2010

Brent's Home Visit yesterday (4/25/10)


Hello everyone,

What a beautiful day it was today! We were allowed to bring Brent home today for a trial run. We picked him up from St. Jude hospital after breakfast and were to have him back promptly no later than 8:00pm. We returned to the hospital at 7:59 pm. LOL Exactly one minute to spare!

It was so great having Brent home today with his family and we are now looking forward to Friday, because he will be coming home to stay.

Brent no longer has restrictions regarding his diet and really enjoyed Mingies spaghetti dinner tonight. Her sauce is the best!! Brent continues to work extremely hard during his therapy sessions at St.Jude as part of their in patient rehab program. We have a meeting with the doctors on Wednesday, at which time we will discuss the best options for Brents out patient therapy following his return home.

Brent continues to improve daily, but the doctors tell us that he suffers from a condition known as Aphasia. The doctors say that with continued rehabilitation a person can improve to the best of their ability. Brent is walking at times, with the aid of a walker and a guide person, but we are told now by the doctors, that his difficulty walking is not a physical issue, but rather is a result of the injury to his brain. His right side is still improving, but he does have issues with motor skills and has impaired vision in his right eye. When he returns home he will require 24 hour care.

Despite these challenges that lie ahead we feel extremely blessed to have our beautiful son with us and are so excited that he is coming home. Upon his return home our Family will request that friends who would like to visit Brent please call first. We know he is very excited to see ALL of you.

We wanted to thank you ALL for eating at Baja Fresh on Tuesday and for continuing to Love, Pray for and support our Family in so many ways. We also are hearing of so many things people are doing behind the scenes and we THANK YOU from the the bottom of our hearts. Your efforts of kindness and generosity to our Family are greatly appreciated. We truly hope this message finds you ALL in good spirits. May God Bless ALL of you!

Love Always

Ed and Mingie oxox

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