Wednesday, April 14, 2010

So behind!

I am so behind on posting that I think I might just start posting pictures. I have no idea how people stay on top of this. I LOVE reading other blogs and am so impressed by their timeliness.

I am just going to start posting our family "moments" and the pictures and hopefully I will add more details about them later (dreaming!!!) This is what I would do with scrapbooking. I'd leave spots for journaling, but never would go back. So sad, because sometimes you really need those details. My memory sure isn't what it once was (ha ha). I'm getting old!

I just want to get up to date!!! I want to live in the moment and I can't if I'm always blogging about last month.

Ok, blog rant is over.



i understand 100% it's time consuming!

Joanna said...

Very time consuming! Now that the weather is nice and my baby is actively moving around the room I feel like I'm going long stretches between posts! Pictures are what we all wanna see anyway! lol. So bring on the pic posts whenever it suits you. :) Much love!!