Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It was a fun GREEN day!

We started off the morning with some St. Patrick's Day themed breakfast

Jack thought breakfast was pretty cool!

Although, I was unable to turn Annabelle's milk green (mommy's milk only comes in one color). I did give her a GREEN sippy cup to try. The cup is literally twice the size of her whole hand so she isn't doing very well with it yet, but, she likes to play with it.

Jack really enjoys doing any art project that involves glue. Seriously, who doesn't?

The boys had fun gathering their "supplies" from the backyard. They actually cut he grass with their scissors - so cute!

Benjamin was VERY proud of his pile of greenness! Here is the finished product ~ a super cute shamrock made of natural materials (grass, leaves, dirt and I think a bug or two)

Annabelle was having a blast playing on the floor

Looking oh so cute!

After a fun morning at home Jack went onto school from 12:30 - 3:30. When Ben, Annabelle and I picked him up he was super excited to learn that we were headed over to our friend Miss Cathy's house to play. FYI - she doesn't go by Miss Cathy, Miss and Mr. is how we encourage (strongly) the children to address adults.

A little splashing in the water to stay cool

Click HERE if you want to see what Annabelle got to do after her fun, GREEN day in the sun.


Four Flights said...

oh my gosh it's either just the angle,or that cup is REALLY big! it is twice the size of her head hehehe! So cute. Next year we've got to do the green milk thing. It actually looks kind of good, like a minty shake or something.


your children are all BEAUTIFUL

Cathy O said...

I like the grass shamrocks, might have to try that next year (if I remember). Oh and would somebody please feed my son, he looks emaciated!