Saturday, February 27, 2010

Update on Brent as of Saturday February 27th

I was so thankful I was able to be at the hospital with Mingie on Friday (2/25) from 11 to 3.m I was only able to see Brent for about 10 minutes but they were 10 super special minutes. It is very difficult to see someone you love in the hospital in his condition but at the same time I am so very grateful that he survive the crash and is here with us today to fight to get his life back.

This is what Ed posted this evening about Brent's progress.

Update on Brent

Hello to ALL of our amazing Family, friends and supporters of our son Brent and our Family. We Love you all!!

Mingie and I are with Brent regularly, as are his Grandparents. The rest of the family visits are more limited due to the risks of h1n1 etc. His brothers and Amanda are remaining strong and have been amazing considering the circumstances. The rest of our family visits regularly when allowed to by the staff.

Brent remains in the PICU at Mission Hospital. The doctors tell us that Brent is coming out of the coma. he now experiences periods of wakefulness and opens his eyes sometimes during these periods. While awake he recieves physical and occupational therapy and LOTS OF LOVE from his family and his wonderful nurses! In the past two days he has shown small yet positive signs of purposeful actions and movements. This progress is a true blessing. However we are reminded that Brents brain injuries are very serious. The doctors say it is uncertain how long and how much brent will recover from these injuries and that we have a very long road ahead. We will remain faithful and are confident that Brent will continue to improve in time. We will of course be here for him every step of the way and we know ALL OF YOU will be through your prayers and Love and support of our Family.

It is our hope that this message finds ALL OF YOU AND YOURS in good health.

All our Love

Ed and Mingie


Ed Sirignano started the discussion A special message to Brents friends and fellow students

A lot of you we know, some of you we met recently and some of you we have never met. You are ALL very special people! Brents Mother and I would Like it very much if you will PLEASE make a promise to us, to your own Families and to your friends that you will ALWAYS drive safely and ALWAYS remember that your lives and others, are precious and how important you ALL are to our Family, your own families, to your friends and others! Please learn a lesson from what has happened to your friends Brent and Parker and work together to make good decisions in your own lives. Continue to pray for your friends and in due time you WILL be together again.

All our Love to each and every one of you!!

Brents Mom and Dad

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