Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Latest update on Brent

This is the latest update on Brent's Recovery Website. It's so exciting to finally get some good news. We love you Brent - keep fighting to come back to us.


Mingie and Ed called with some good news today! They have been slowly decreasing the medication that has kept Brent in the coma and they have seen positive signs.....Brent is slowly waking up! They have been working with a Physical Therapist for the past 2 days and Brent has responded to verbal commands. He was asked to move his toes ......and he did! He has also moved other parts of his body. As you can imagine the family is VERY happy Brent is making progress. Brent still faces many challenges ahead. They are still very concerned about the effects of the brain injury. But for now, Ed and Mingie are going to enjoy this moment of good news. Please keep praying for Brent!


Gates Family said...

Hi everyone,
I caught up with all your blog posts this past weekend. Wow, we have all of you and Brent and his family in our prayers. So glad to hear Annabelle is doing better too and Brent is making some good progress. We wish we could be there, please let us know if there is anyway we can give support. One day at a time. It is amazing how much strength we can find when we need it. I will try to call soon. Much love and prayers.

Colleen & family

KeicherMom said...

I'm glad you all are getting good news about Brent - it's wonderful to hear that he's responding to verbal commands. I look forward to more good news as he continues to heal. We are praying for him.

I hope Annabelle is doing well since the revision. We think of her and you guys often!

The Keichers

Four Flights said...

That is such wonderful news to be able to share. Thanks for the update Nicole. We will continue to lift Brent and the whole family up with prayer.