Thursday, February 25, 2010

Latest update on Brent

I am so excited that I get to go to the hospital tomorrow and be with my sister and Brent. It's been a very long week not being there. Although we have been texting each day it's not the same as physically being there. Thank you Mom for watching the boys for me so that I can be there. I look forward to blogging my account of tomorrow's visit, but until then here is the latest update that was posted regarding his progress:

UPDATE ***Wednesday Night 2/24*********

Hello everyone,

Brent is stable but remains in PICU and is still in a coma. Brent is still breathing without a respirator and xray of lungs look good and he continues to show small signs of waking up. He had surgery this afternoon to his facial injuries and the surgery went well. He has an MRI scheduled in the AM and the neurosurgeon hopefully will discuss the results following.

Brent is progressing a little each day. Mingie and I visited rehabilitation facilities today, that may be best suited for Brent in his recovery.

Again thank you all very much for your continued Love and support! God Bless

Love Ed and Mingie


Greta said...

So glad to hear good news, however small. We are praying for Brent and all of his family every day, Much love, Greta

Crooked Moon Mama said...

Hope you have a good visit tomorrow. I know he'll feel your love and presence.