Monday, February 15, 2010

Brent Sirignano

Brent -

We love you and we miss you deeply. You are consuming our every thought.
I can't even put into words how heart broken we are by what has happened to you.
We are praying to the good Lord above to please heal your body and bring you back to us.
You are not just our nephew, you are our God Son. You are so special to us and when you hurt, we hurt.
Seeing you last night was so difficult. In some ways you looked better than I had expected, but at the same time it was so VERY difficult to see you that way.
When I looked at you so many moments went through my mind, starting with the day you were born.
We spent so much time together when you were little and Uncle Branden and I have always been so proud of you.
You mean so much to our children and they want to see you. They want their cousin back. They want you to play with them and read them a book.
We know you are fighting hard and we know that you are strong so please just keep fighting and know that we are all here to help you.
It's been difficult being here in Long Beach and you being in Lake Forest. I wish I could be there more for you and your parents.
Please know that not one minutes goes by that you are not on our minds and in our hearts.