Monday, September 21, 2009

What It Means to Be Loved

We recently learned of this Artist (Mark Schultz) and in particular the song: What it means to be loved and wanted to share it. The words are so beautiful, so inspiring and really touched our hearts.

Here's the link to his website:
Once on his site click listen, then click on song #4 - What it means to be loved
*you can click on the title of this post and it will take you directly to his website.

After listening to this song it sparked a conversation between Branden and I that I wanted to somehow document. We want to ensure that Annabelle knows that we love her unconditionally and have loved "the baby in my belly" since the moment we found out I was pregnant. Yes, it was a very sad day in March of this year when we were told that our daughter would be born with Spina Bifida, a very serious birth defect, however, it never entered our mind that she wouldn't be born. She is our gift from God and we would never consider terminating the pregnancy. I'll admit the pregnancy was very difficult - the worrying, the fear and all of the unknowns. However, that is gone now and has been replaced with happiness and joy for this amazing little girl who completes our family.

We continue to be saddened when we think about how many times we were asked if we wanted to terminate the pregnancy. We look at our beautiful, sweet, bright eyed daughter who is so full of life and can't even imagine that someone would consider not bringing her into the world. It was primarily the doctors who asked the questions, not friends and of course not family. Anyone who really knows us, knows that as a Catholic and as a mother, an abortion would never be a consideration - regardless of how bleak a picture the doctors might have painted.

We didn't and still don't fully understand why we were chosen to be Annabelle's parents, but we are so thankful we were. We are so thankful for the opportunity to show her what it means to be loved.


Sarah Hull said...

This was such a beautiful post. One that touched me deeply.
Sometimes it haunts me, those doctors words. I finally had to tell the doctors to put it in my chart to not bring that subject up again.
It really is such a blessing to live with a miracle. They are such added gifts in our homes.
Your Annabelle is such a doll. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with your family.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing that beautiful song. (I cant stop crying, but its good tears) I cant even begin to imagine what you are going through. God sent you your flower because God knew how strong you both are and how much faith you have. I know a lot people including myself who couldn't handle such a choice and for you both it wasn't even a thought. You know what a special gift she is I am so proud of you both and am even more honored to know you both. I love you guys so much! You have taught the world so much.


Greta said...

This post made me cry. You guys are my heros. Annabelle has a lot to teach you, your family and all of us. She is a blessing already. I'm so glad she is here.
Thank you for sharing your heart so openly with us.
Love to you,

Four Flights said...

Wow, I have no words, just tears. like someone else said though, good tears. if you edit your profile there is a section to add an audio clip. not sure what it would do and if it would enable you to play the entire song, but something to play around with?

The Beard Family of 5 said...

I'm so glad you posted that about your thoughts and feelings. Love you guys! xoxo

Grammy and Grampy said...

God chose you because he knows what amazingly wonderful parents you are and of the strong faith and loving bond you have for each other. We are truly blessed to have you in ours lives. As are Annabelle, Ben & Jack.
Thank you for sharing this song.

KeicherMom said...

We were floored by the diagnosis that our baby had SB...but further flored by the out-dated, bleak picture the doctors painted for us as to what our baby's life would be like. And then, of course, the medical community telling us our "option" to terminate. All we could think of was how long it took to get pregnant, and how much we wanted this baby. And after some months, we knew were given Emily for a reason. She's already changed us so much for the better, and impacted so many others. I can't image not having her - but now I think about all those moms out there who have been told there baby has SB, and who don't continue the pregnancy. It's heartbreaking. I wish the SB pictute the medical community paints was more accurate...maybe then they would be more encouraging.

Cathy Bailey said...

Nicole, Annabelle is a beautiful little angel who is truly blessed to be born into such an amazing family. I would love to hear more about the fundraiser someone shared with me so please keep me posted.