Thursday, September 24, 2009

Insurance Update

It's been a while since I wrote about our insurance situation and wanted to provide a quick update. I have been working very diligently each week with the insurance company to see what can be done about the outrageous bills we are getting and anticipate in the future. I have to say Great West, well actually our Customer Service Rep. Bethany has been great. It's funny (not funny ha ha, just funny) how once a significant amount of LARGE bills start to rack up the insurance company assigns you a dedicated customer service rep. It's actually been very helpful and we are very grateful for her help. She has been actively working with Annabelle's non-contracted doctors (two in particular) attempting to get contracts agreed to, back dated to the date of Annabelle's birth and signed. As of today an agreement has not been reached but I am feeling encouraged and was advised to check back next Thursday. Although they will not be "regular" in-network contracts they should be way better than what is being covered for these doctors right now. So I am choosing NOT to get completely thrown for a loop regarding the crazy bills were are getting.

So, nothing really new but I am feeling encouraged. Also, we were able to confirm that her Orthopedist and her Urologist (both super critical doctors) that she saw two weeks ago are considered contracted doctors. This was GREAT news!! I will update again with the final news.


Four Flights said...

thanks for the update Nicole. How reassuring it must be though to have a dedicated rep working on the case for you. Just to know you have a name and can reach out to that person.

Grammy and Grampy said...

That is Great to hear, I know it must really help to have ONE person to deal with instead of having to repeat your situation over and over.
We'll continue to pray for more good new.
We Love You All Lots!

Annie said...

That's great, so glad things are getting better in this department for you guys. I know how frustrating insurance can be.