Friday, September 4, 2009

We are home

Thank you everyone for your positive thoughts and prayers for Annabelle during the last 24 hours. It has been a bit crazy and we are so glad to be home and SO THANKFUL that Belle is doing well. She was a real trooper at the hospital and once again has proven her strength and positive nature.

After having a Cat Scan, urine analysis, blood panel, chest x-ray, 1 full bag of IV fluids and a crazy mucus test they determined that she's okay - I know, go figure. Whatever was bothering her seems to have worked itself out. Her fontanels (top of the head) were significantly less bulging this morning and after the IV fluids she seemed to perk up and started eating again :-) They did get out several big boogies from her nose (yucky, I know) and that seemed to help her breath much better.

Well, I am super tired and am just so glad to be home. On a side note, it turns out I am a little sick myself. All week I had been feeling some pain in my C-section area but really never slowed down enough to deal with it. With all the stresses of the week and my worries about Belle I just took my Motrin at the end of the day and went to slepp. The pain continued to increase and when we were in the ER last night for upwards of 8 hours waiting to be admitted I started to really notice the pain. I was able to see my OB this morning, thankfully they are in walking distance from the hospital. Turns out I developed Cellulitis (bacterial infection of the skin) - SUCH A BUMMER! So now I am on antibiotics 4 times a day and need to follow up with the OB on Tuesday. The Dr. believes I should be better by the beginning of the week. As one friend said, when it rains it pours - oh well what can you do. Thankfully it's the long weekend and I have an amazing husband to take care of me and the kids (again).


5chamberlins said...

SO glad you guys are home and well...or on the road to wellness :)XOXO

Chris and Liz said...

We've been following along and keeping Belle in our prayers. I'm sorry for all those tests!!! But we're happy to hear everything is okay with her, and we're hoping you recover quickly.

Your friends all the way over in Buffalo!

Mommy of three said...

Nicole, if there is ANYTHING we can do, will you please let us know. And I do mean anything!
I am so glad Belle is well. I was praying for her and you all the whole weekend.
Love from Greta