Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A fun day at the Children's Museum

We spent a fun day at the Children's Museum at La Habra on Friday (6/5/09) with friends from our Friday Playgroup. It was extra fun because it had been several months since we had been there. The boys had fun in the new exhibit "Ring of Fire" where they sat in a rickshaw, pretended to ride a Lama and endured an earthquake simulation.

The boys enjoyed "banging - a - Gong" (Daddy did that caption)

Benjamin the Bus Driver

Jack the Grocery Store Cashier

Jack the twirling Minnie and Benjamin the singing Pirate

Okay, so I debated if I was going to mention this because it's SOOOOOOOOOO cheesy, but oh well. Living here in So. Cal we get the benefit (if you can call it that) of running into the occasional celebrity and lots of pseudo celebrities. So today we had a pseudo celebrity sighting at the museum. The "Octomom" was there with her two preschool age children. So silly, but you could see all of the mom's whispering "is that her?", etc. What I noticed was how skinny she was - wow!! She seemed totally normal except she had a photographer with a huge lense taking pictures of her with her kids. At one point her son got into a little "scuffle" with Benjamin over a truck. It was pretty funny to see Benjamin, another child and the "Octomom" negotiating with her son to give the truck back to Ben. I wanted to snap a picture or secretly hoped that her photog would and Benny could be in the paper - ha ha! Of course the kids heard me telling my mom later that day so their new "funny" word is Octomom!


Grammy and Grampy said...

So, when did our cute smiley boys come back? And why didn't they go to D-land with us. (Ha Ha) Those are great pictures!

The Beard Family of 5 said...

Great pictures - and LOVE the so cheesy story! You HAVE to include that stuff in your blogging!