Monday, June 1, 2009

Family Photo's


These photo's were taken at Disneyland for my birthday a few weeks back. It was a SUPER fun day, but I just wish I could have gotten everyone in my family to smile for a nice photo. Can't wait for this phase to be over!!

This is a fun picture but unfortunately you can't see our faces very well. This picture was taken BEFORE Honey I shrunk the audience. The boys weren't smiling much after - they were SO scared. Oops, mom forgot about some of the potentially scary parts.

Thank you Uncle Michael and Auntie Frances for signing us in. It was a GREAT way to spend my birthday. Mom - so glad you were to celebrate with us.

Here's the boys riding and LOVING the roller coaster in Toon Town! Ben rode with Daddy in the front car and Jack and Grammy were in the car right behind. It was a no pregnant mommy ride (oh, too bad!)

Wow - I'm 36 now. That's pretty hard to believe.

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