Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tuesday's OB appointment update - 26 weeks

This update is a bit late, but I wanted to post to document it and of course for those of you that didn't get my very brief text update on Tuesday afternoon. So, the appointment went well. It's always hard trying to find the right words to describe my doctors appointments or even my emotions lately. I guess it's fair to say that the appointment went good considering how it could have gone.

Disappointingly, baby girl was being super stubborn and didn't make it possible for the Dr. to get any cute pictures of her. This part was of course a major bummer as I consider the high tech, 4-D pics my bonus for having to go to such specialized doctors. She was however moving all around and kicking her legs - loved this part. Her feet still looked good, no signs of clubbing. There was nothing new with the spine defect location - still looks like L5 - S1. They are still categorizing her hydrocephalus as mild (which can change over time, but we as SO thankful for that category now). Her ventricles increased 1 mm since my last visit 5 weeks ago and is currently measuring at 13 mm. I asked what was "normal" and she said 10mm so we are just praying that it will be a very slow increase if at all over the next 10+ weeks until she arrives.

We are really trying to not focus on the what if's and stay focused on the positive as best as we can. It's been really hard but I do think focusing on the positive is what will get me though this last trimester half way sane. I have been actively researching local resources available, the different types of therapies she may need as well as where many of them are offered. I have also met (via e-mail) a local mom who's daughter has SB and hydrocephalus and she has been a huge help. Her daughter is 6 so she has so much experience that she has so graciously been sharing with me. She has been an amazing resource and I am so looking forward to meeting her, her beautiful daughter as well as the rest of her family. Connecting with these other mom's who have children with SB has been a true blessing. Although, it makes all of this even more real the more I talk/write about it they are all so supportive and encouraging. They have great stories to share about their amazing little ones. I truly believe life will be so much better once she is here and recovered from her surgeries.

Well, I'm tired and starting to ramble so I better get going. Thank you all very much for the continued love and support you send our way. We are truly blessed to have so many people that love us, our boys and our new baby girl on the way.

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Erica said...

Hugs to you. Our little one has hydro in the womb amoung other things (We are at 18mm and 22mm)... I just wanted to say I hope things go smoothly and your babies vents don't continue to increase!