Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Jack's Preschool Open House

Tonight was Jack's preschool open house and his class performed an "Our Gang" style Variety Show. Each child was given the opportunity to either perform a dance, song, musical instrument or whatever they chose to do or they could help out in another way like taking tickets, or refreshments, etc. All of the children did a wonderful job! Jack has a lot of very talented classmates.

Jack decided to dance to a song from Cinderella - not sure of the exact name but we call it Cinderelly, Cinderally. He said he was wearing his Belle Beauty outfit (not really sure why). However, it doesn't matter because his high energy dancing and confidence on stage was just great to watch. Benjamin and I were in the audience cheering for him and we were so very proud!

After all of the individual performances were completed a group of kids went up and did the chicken dance and a few other songs (itsy, bitsy spider and head, shoulders, knees and toes). Jack invited his brother to join him - it was SO cute! Of course my battery on my camera died so I didn't get any video of Benjamin showing off his dance skills. I did get this cute video of the kids.

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5chamberlins said...

SO CUTE!! I love hearing of all the fun things they do at their preschool - what a great time!!!