Saturday, May 15, 2010

Latest update on Brent (Saturday)

After you read Ed's update below you will see why I am SO very proud of my sister. We are so glad that Brent is once again home with his family to continue his recovery. Thank you for all of the prayers and well wishes for him - it means so much to us.

Hello everyone

It is our hope that this update finds you all doing well in your lives. Our family is doing much better now that our Brent is home again. The doctors confirmed and identified the infection that caused his headache and sickness on Mothers day.

A nurse came to the house today to teach Mingie and I how to give Brent his meds. The antibiotics are given through a PIC line in Brents arm, one medication is given as a shot twice a day and others by mouth. He will be evaluated each week concerning the infection. Brent is happy to be home and continues to have a very positive attitude about everything. He will continue therapy starting next week and is determined to work hard and do well. Its so good to have him home!

Please pray for my sweet Mingie as the new plan for home care is pretty over whelming, but as ALWAYS she is and will again rise to the occasion and do what she has to do to care for our children. I was afraid she was going to pass out today when she had to give B his first shot, but she handled it very well! I am very proud of her!

Thank you to ALL of you planning the fundraiser at Peppinos. It is shaping up to be a terrific evening. We are very grateful to you ALL. Are there any rules against our Family bidding on the silent auction? LOL The items are VERY COOL. Mingie and I will plan on attending and Keith and Amanda will care for Brent. Hope everyone has a nice weekend and hope to see you ALL soon.

God Bless you ALL

Love always,

The Sirignano Family

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Greta said...

Nicole, you and your sister are made from the same mold. You are mamma bears--sweet and strong, protecting and caring for your cubs.
I admire you both.
Love from Greta