Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Walking in Naples

We bundled up and headed down to Naples to look at the lights. Annabelle was awake for awhile in her stroller, but eventually drifted off to sleep as we strolled along. Because it was only the Friday after Thanksgiving it wasn't crowded at all and the boys could run up ahead of us without the fear of getting lost in the crowd. It made for a very nice and relaxing evening.

The boys loved looking at all of the lights on the houses across the water and the decorated boats. They always seemed to find the odd or funny statue/decoration to make up a story about (Christmas Pirate, Hawaiian Santa......)

They can be so sweet to one another. I am so happy they have each other

Me and my boys

The boys were having so much fun dancing around the fountain.

A little rest after their dance performance

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