Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Night out with Jack: 12/13

On Sunday, December 13th, Jack and I went to see the Nutcracker Ballet together. The performance was at Golden West College in Huntington Beach at 5pm.

Jack said he loved everything about the night! He loved that it was just he and I going. He loved our seats (3rd row). He loved that the performance was in the evening - that made it extra special and he seemed to love everything about the performance. He sat so quietly with a huge smile on his face through the whole first half. He thought intermission was pretty cool as well. He got a little ancy toward the end but I was extremely proud of how well he behaved.

It was the beginning of a special tradition I look forward to continuing with him.

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Sarah said...

what a special night. I always remember my mother and grandmother taking me to the nutcracker when I was younger. It is a cherished memory.

Sure glad to have "met" you this year though email and blogging. You have enriched my life. I too look forward to meeting sometime in 2010! Take care and may this year be a wonderful one for you and your family!