Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Decorating the Tree: 11/28/2009

Decorating the Christmas tree was always a big deal for me when I was growing up. I vividly remember how we would carefully take out each ornament from the box and we would take turns putting them on the tree. If I remember correctly my brother and I enjoyed it the most. We always played Christmas music and drank hot chocolate. It was a special start to the Christmas season. Branden and I have tried to create special memories like this for our children. Jack is just like me (in SO many ways) - he LOVES the decorating and preparing part of the holidays. He was digging into the Christmas bins and hanging stuff all over the house before I could even get the hot chocolate made and the music on. His excitement was fun though. He immediately put on the santa hat and went to work on the snow flakes in the window. He took a lot of pride in his decorating this year - it was very sweet.

We had to get out last year's reindeer hats we made for a few quick photo's

Benjamin didn't take his nap so he fell asleep on the couch waiting for Branden to bring in all of the Christmas decorations. He slowly but surely woke to join in the fun.

Branden put the star on a bit premature for my liking but it did look pretty the whole time
Align Center
Annabelle was asleep for most of the decorating but I wanted a least one picture to prove she was there

I love being together as a family!

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