Thursday, April 7, 2011

Take part in ART

Jack started a new art class tonight at Averyboo Arts, a local creativity center for kids. It was a "big guy" class (as he called it) since it was for kids ages 6 - 9. He did super awesome!

The class is Beginning Art and the students learn about elements & principles of design, art history, enhance skills, and use a variety of mediums & techniques while making a new piece of art each week. He was really excited when I told him I had signed him up.

He was a little nervous at first because he didn't know anyone but he jumped right in answering questions and being part of the group. There are only 8 students in the class so that helped a lot with his comfort level as well.

Tonight's lesson and art project was inspired by Sonia Delaunay. The teacher (Ms. Natalie) showed them a few of her paintings and then explained their assignment. They were drawing circles using templates, then using a ruler to draw a few lines. Then they colored each shape a different color using oil pastels.

Although he was very focused and a bit reserved during the class we feel pretty sure that he enjoyed himself and was quite proud of his finished product. We were very proud of him and are super excited to see what he creates during the next 3 classes.


Greta said...

First, I love the pictures in your banner at the top of your blog. Annabelle looks so adorable.
Second, I love that piece Jack did. It is sooo good! Frame worthy for sure.
Love from,

They call me Grammy! said...

Nice picture Jack! This is a great class for you to expand your artistic talent. I know you are going to love it. xoxoxo