Sunday, April 3, 2011

Memorable Moments in March

It's hard to believe that March is over! Where did the month go? Our days get so busy that sometimes I fear that I'm not stopping long enough to really cherish each moment as well as I should be. I also have a bad habit of letting the bad overshadow the good. I have SO much good in my daily life - sometimes it's just the little things that make me smile. Maybe it's something one of the boys says when I pick them up from school or a special picture they drew for me. These are very special moments but sadly they can easily be overshadowed by arguing siblings or vomiting little girls. I feel that sometimes I talk more about those things here on this blog or on Annabelle's and way too much to Branden when he gets home than about ALL of the wonderful things that happen throughout my day. Being able to stay home with our 3 little little ones is a blessing and I know this. There is bound to be lots of great and not so great moments every day - there's a lot of hours in each day :-)

So, in an effort to not let another month slip away without remembering it I've visually highlighted as a reminder for me some of the more memorable moments that happened this past month. There were lots more moments I'm sure but sometimes I just don't have a free hand to take a picture.

Taking my boys to the movies for the first time. It was just the three of us and we saw Gnomeo & Juliet

Celebrating Jack's 6th birthday with the family

Disneyland for Jack's birthday on his birthday!

Grammy & Auntie Mingie joined us! It was so much fun and we even stayed to see World of Color for the first time. Such a GREAT day (and night!)

Playdoh with the littles

Surprise swim days after school - me and all 3 kids!
Although it was nap time for Annabelle she is so great about being flexible when necessary and she really had so much fun splashing and kicking in the water.

Jack going out to lunch and the movies to see Tangled with his best friend for his birthday! (Her mom and I were there too)

Wearing super cute St. Patty's Day hair bows and hanging out with a super cool big brother

Jack's 1st Jog-a-thon. Thank you everyone who so generously sponsored him.

Playing in the backyard together!

Benjamin playing T-Ball - soooo cute!

Reading with Daddy early in the morning

Big brothers teaching their little sister karate before bed

Making homemade vanilla ice cream with dad

We have returned to doing weekday crafts during Annabelle's nap - yeah! The boys were "writing" their name with glue and Cheerios. We also did marshmellow rainbows earlier in the month.

Annabelle becoming more comfortable using her walker at home

Reading together with Daddy before bed

Jack made me this beautiful cross last Sunday because he knew I was sad that we missed church. I love his kind heart.

The kids happily building together (yeah - together!)

My brother and my sister in laws baby shower. They are having their first baby - a girl!

It was a "family shower" and the boys were SO excited to go to their first baby shower - it was so cute. Check out how great this picture came out! What I'd give to get a great family picture like this.

What a GREAT month! Thanks for taking the time to relive some of the more MEMORABLE MOMENTS of MARCH with me!!!

Hoping that April is super great for each of you. Feel free to leave a comment if you wish, to let me know you stopped by. I'd love to hear about any special plans you all have planned for April and how you try to cherish the moments with your families in our very busy world.


They call me Grammy! said...

Great moments to remember, and such cute pictures. Thank you for sharing.

Cassie said...

You have a beautiful family!