Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A series of unfortunate events

**This post is from last night (1/4/11). I'm only posting it because it's kind of comical now and I want it as a reminder that things always get better

Unfortunately, this is going to be a downer of a post with me complaining about all the crappy things that have been happening to me (us) lately. Sorry about that, but it has been a really bad day that seems to be getting worse by the minute. As we speak, Branden is at The Home Depot or Lowes – who even knows or cares to be honest. But, he’s there buying a snake (I think) to unclog our bathroom toilet which is now backing up into our bathtub. For those of you that remember, this is our one and only working bathroom. Our front bathroom sprang a leak, what now seems like an eternity ago and that bathroom has been completely out of commission since then. Of course these things never happen at a good time, but this is truly the worst time. Poor Branden is trying to prepare for a big presentation he needs to give on Thursday. He has SO much work to do and does not need this added stress. He was up until after 3am last working on it and I’m sure will do the same tonight.

I know you are probably thinking "come on Nicole, a clogged toilet and tub is an inconvenience but clearly not the end of the world, you of all people should know this”. I do know this, really I do. I know that our health - the health of our children and family are all that truly matter in life. However, after the string of bad luck and stresses we have had the last two weeks I am just really struggling to keep focus and perspective. I am frustrated and angry and am really just trying to hold it all together.

Here’s just a quick list of our series of unfortunate events:

On the 20th our dryer broke and we had to buy a new one (although clearly not a budgeted expense) because ours was super old and had been repaired twice before.

That same night Jack has an asthma attack and is sick with asthma/croup issues for the next few days. Asthma stuff ALWAYS scares me.

On the 21st, while driving to Children’s Hospital LA in the rain we discover that the brakes are going bad. We take the car in and yes, they need to be replaced – more unbudgeted expenses.

On the 27th as I’m running out the door to take Annabelle to PT we realize that my car battery is dead. We charge it but it dies immediately. We take it in and they say it’s dead – you need a new one. Great, yet another unbudgeted expense!

During these next few days we start to notice that Annabelle is getting sick. Obviously, this is so disappointing since we have been working so hard to keep her healthy. By the 31st she has a high fever and is vomiting ~ we assume it’s another UTI. Of course we have to cancel our New Year’s Eve plans. This was not a huge deal to cancel, but was a big disappointment as we were all looking forward to celebrating with friends. At the doctors they tell me she has an ear infection, I think huh, okay, that’s sort of good in a typical kid illness kind of way. They decide to take a urine sample to be safe. Fast forward to January 2nd when the Dr. calls to tell us that not only does Annabelle have an ear infection but she has another UTI and not just any old UTI but the kind that can only be treated with Cipro - that really strong antibiotic that we really don't like to use. GREAT!

Do you want to know what the saddest part about the whole Dr.’s visit on New Year's Eve was? It was that the whole time there I was so happy that it was 12/31 ant not 1/1 because starting 1/1 ALL deductibles and out of pocket maximum go back to zero! So that $10 office visit would have been a $50+ office visit the very next day. Yep, the beginning of a new year is always dreaded for financial reasons.

So now here we are again January 4, 2011, still with a backed up toilet and bathtub. I forgot to mention that our internet is down – it's been down all day (ugh!). So, I’m actually typing this in MS Word with the intention of copying it into my blog as soon as I have a connection and clearly I can’t ask Branden to see what's going on (double ugh!) So, in the time I’ve been typing this (and trying to nurse my little girl who does not want to go to sleep tonight) things haven’t gotten much better. Branden has returned home with the rented snake from The Home Depot, he has changed into his coveralls and has been doing something loud outside for the last 30+ minutes. He’s now on the phone with the aforementioned Home store because the snake he rented from them seems to be missing a part! He looks furious and has now just run out the door, which I am assuming to go down there because they probably close in 15 minutes (it’s 8:45pm). I’ve got a sink full of dishes I’m afraid to do just in case it starts to back up there and I have a little girl who is determined to not go to sleep anytime soon!

Okay, so I’m “supposed” to feel better now that I have typed this all out, right? It really does still suck and it has been extremely expensive but honestly I do feel better now that I have gotten all off my chest, because really what can you do when crappy stuff happens do. I guess just focus on all the good in our lives, all the people that have been so generous and have helped our family. Just recently my brother in law so generously gave of his time and his business’s time to help start putting our front bathroom together. He installed a new bathtub and has a new toilet and shower fixtures waiting to be installed once Branden gets the drywall and floors done, my Dad who so graciously helped to pay for my brakes and wouldn’t take no for an answer, The Epstein-Levine family who has given (YES, I SAID GIVEN!) us a one week vacation in their time share in San Diego to be used at the end of next month, and I don’t want to forget last months “Christmas miracle” where Dr. Javahery’s office wrote off a very large bill we owed him.

We are so blessed to have these angels in our life and although it’s sometimes hard for me to keep perspective when we’ve had what seems like really, really bad luck. However, I am able to clearly see it now! I’m glad I took the time to complain and then reflect - it was well worth it to help me move past this yucky feeling I’ve had in my belly all day.

Quick bathroom update: It’s 9:52 and he snaked out the culprit (looks like one of those tushie wipes) and the drain is once again clear. Now to clean the bathroom and wash all the towels he dirtied.

Quick Internet update: It’s 11:35 no, now it's 12:15 and we are STILL on hold with Verizon trying to get someone to help us get reconnected to the internet. We have been on hold for almost 2 hours (not feeling so blessed at the moment!) After 1 hour and 57 minutes on hold with Verizon the internet suddenly started working on it's own. They never answered but it works now - go figure! Oh but it's 1:30 in the morning and Branden has passed out asleep :-o

Thank goodness tomorrow is a new day!


Four Flights said...

so tomorrow is Branden's presentation right? wish him luck from us. I hope the toilet is working okay? Oh, and Verizon SUCKS a big one. hate that company, just in case you were wondering if your 2 hour hold time was just continued bad wasn't, just part of their MO. Hugs friend, your list of blessings at the end sound like a really wonderful one and I'm glad you were able to look back and reflect on them. Love, Me

Anonymous said...

Nicole, Hang in there! Can I loan you Mike to help Branden hang the drywall? Seriously I will.... and if you ever need one again - we have a snake.... or two... or three (love 1950's pipes!_
Glad you can see the humor in things in the end. Hugs! Erin

They call me Grammy! said...

Oh my gosh, that was one heck of a week. I'm soooo sorry. I was hoping 2011 was going to be a better year too. Lets hope Feb. is better. Lots of love!

stacey Levine said...

I KNEW it was Dr. Javahery. Who else would have done 6 surgeries on her. Also, he's a great guy. Found out his wife is pregnant with boy #2 when I dropped off the cookies he ordered to her office (She's a dermatologist). That said, I am sorry that you are having such a rough streak. We are lucky to have a time share (parents bought in early 80's) and thrilled that you get to enjoy it. Now we are just crossing our fingers that annabelle is healthy that week.