Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rocket Science

Jack has developed an exciting new interest in science. This weekend it was all about rockets!

I was so excited when I heard Jack ask his dad if he would help him build a real rocket that could fly. Branden could have easily said no, not today son, but instead he said sure! It was Saturday morning and Branden had planned to work on one or two if we were lucky of the many, many unfinished projects we have around the house. But instead, he and his boys built real rockets that could fly!

Such excited little men!

Changing the design and adding fins for aerodynamics

So proud of their soda bottle rockets

adding the water before the launch

Check out Jack's rocket go!

Benjamin's 1st attempt

Benjamin's Rocket - shooting for the stars

Here's where it landed!

Fun stuff!


Selina said...

That was hilarious! And looks like SO much fun!

They call me Grammy! said...

WOW! What lucky boys to have such an agreeable Dad. Those are some great homemade rockets!

Gerry @Foodness Gracious said...

Ha Ha Ha...this is exactly the kind of video that the boys are going to watch with their kids and Granpa Branden will end up making more rockets for the little ones.
Thanks for making me chuckle....

Papa said...

Who knows, perhaps Jack and Ben will be the first astronauts of the family. Looks like the boys had a great time with Dad. Great job Branden :-)