Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I miss blogging!

Ugh, I just can't get it together. I have lots to share, but my brain is mush by the end of the night.

I have so many cute picture of my littles - so many great memories to document.

At least I am happy to share that we are doing well. We are busy, but we are doing good.

Thanks for stopping by. Lets see what I can put together before I fall asleep sitting up :-o

Here's a short little video from a fun family visit to Disneyland (almost 2 months ago on 8-29). Branden and the boys have been going about twice a month but seem to rarely take pictures. This video is nothing special, but I liked it. This was the first time I didn't nurse Annabelle on It's A Small World so she was really able to take it all in - she loved it. I also love watching how the boys interact with her. They love her SO much and they love making her smile. What a blessing that is.

Here are the rest of the pictures from the day - it really was a great day!

I guess I could be sad that I don't document our great days as quickly as I would like or I can just accept it and be happy we are having GREAT days!!


Joanna said...

That's it! We are coming back and taking a disney trip TOGETHER! Those pics make me wish we were there! And I LOVE the video - sweet, sweet, sweet! :) Love you guys!

Gerry @Foodness Gracious said...

Very cool!! I didn't know you guys were D Land folks, we are too, we should go one day and meet up and have dinner.

Grammy and Grampy said...

Those are adorable pictures! Thank you for taking the time to share them even though you are tired. Love you all!