Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Guess who's coming tonight


Yep! Our Jack lost his first tooth tonight.

He's been wiggling it, playing with it and talking about it since Sunday afternoon and now it's finally under his pillow.

We weren't prepared with one of those cute tooth fairy pillows (which my mom actually makes) so we improvised with a hand written envelope to keep it in.

If you couldn't tell, he is VERY excited about this big milestone.

Branden and I are pretty excited as well


Maura said...

Yay! I remember him talking and talking about it at our house. I told him to keep wiggling! :) And we have one of your mom's pillows! Just waiting to be used...

Unknown said...

Too cute:) Was that also the first tooth that popped through when he was a baby?

They call me Grammy! said...

Oh my gosh! You should have told me it was loose & I would have brought him one. It never dawned on me he was old enough to be loosing teeth. WOW!

They call me Grammy! said...
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Crooked Moon Mama said...

sweet! F's tooth is still all wiggles.