Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Father's Day Fun!

This ad is currently running on the Lakeshore website

Photo shoots at Lakeshore are always so much fun! This little (big) guy sure loves promoting his Dad's work. Yes, if you were wondering that is Branden's hat, tie and sweater. He even had on Branden's shoes but they were cropped out. Speaking of being cropped out - Benjamin was actually in the shot as well but was cut out. It's an adorable picture and I will post it after the Father's Day promotion is over. We have chosen to NOT tell Benjamin he didn't make the ad :-) DIdn't really see a need to make him sad. Let's just see how long Jack can keep it to himself.


Four Flights said...

oh poor Benjamin! He is so cute though! I wonder why he was cropped out?

Summers Family said...

They cropped him because they wanted to feature more of the crafts since that's what the ad is promoting. Actually we think Ben came out a bit better (shh). I'm just glad I have the original. I can't wait to post them in a few weeks.