Saturday, June 12, 2010

Defining Moments

There are moments in life that really make you realize how much your children are changing and how quickly they are growing up. I had one of "those" moments last month when Jack and I went to the dentist together. I hadn't realized when I booked the appointments that he and I would be seen simultaneously verses one right after another like we always had before. This time he and I sat in separate rooms both getting our teeth cleaned and x-rayed at the same time. I could hear him talking with and answering the hygienists questions. He sounded like such a big boy. It was an odd feeling not to be sitting right there with him, assuring him that everything would be fine. At times, I felt the urge to help him answer questions directed toward him, but I didn't and ultimately he didn't need my help. He was very polite and respectful and I was truly proud of how he handled himself.

My first born, my Jack, my sweet 5 year old boy is growing up.

The following day (May 11th), I took Benjamin to his very first dentist appointment. At this appointment Benjamin and I had a few defining moments together as well. Benjamin is 3, but most days acts older, more like his 5 year old brother. Not that he doesn't throw typical 3 year old tantrums - he does (trust me). However, Benjamin is athletic, well spoken and a relatively good eater so I sometimes forget the age difference between the boys.

As we were waiting in the lobby to be called, Benjamin looked at me and said "mommy, I want to leave. I"m scared and don't want to see the dentist" His face told me that he was genuinely scared and REALLY did not want to do this. At that moment he looked very much the 3 year old that he is and my heart hurt for him. I was disappointed in myself for not preparing him more or even realizing that he might be afraid. I held him on my lap and assured him that it would all be ok - and it was. Look at this scared little face.

Benjamin did an awesome job!
He opened up wide, he didn't bite her (thank goodness) and was just super polite.
I was very proud of him for sharing with me about his fears and for facing them so gracefully. I treated both boys to ice cream later in the day to show them how proud I was.

See you in 6 months Dr. Wathen!


Mommy of three said...

This is very sweet. Don't you love how different each one is? They are all so special. What good boys you have!
Love from,

Four Flights said...

I remember having this same feeling when I took Taylor in for her yearly check up and she took the hearing test. I expected her to not know what to do or not to respond to the beeps, just because she's Taylor (quiet & shy). But when she stood there looking at the nurse raising her little hand every few seconds, I had shivers. Sounds dramatic, but true!

The Beard Family of 5 said...

that makes me so proud! ( so well written too... made me tear up )