Wednesday, January 20, 2010


are the boys being so crazy?

Why do they feel the need to hit and kick one another?

Why did I choose to stop forcing naps even though I knew it would somehow backfire on me?

Why did Benjamin color ALL over his room in red marker today?

Why did I get SO mad about it before successfully getting it off with the Magic Eraser?

Why do I have to give Annabelle a medicine she hates and makes her gag each day?

Why does teething have to hurt so bad?

Why can't we have a bit more quite in our home?

Why is my "to do" list so long and seems to never get crossed off?

Why can't it just rain at night so my children can use all of their crazy energy during the day?

Why can't I just get to bed earlier so that I am not so tired and grumpy?


Four Flights said...

oh, boy, do you really want answer to all those questions? I hope today is a better day my friend

The Beard Family of 5 said...

although I frequently ask myself all of those same exact questions... well with a few name changes - I'm going to offer the broad, general answer of this: Because it makes us appreciate: the sleeping beauties that they are, the soft skin that they possess, the giggles they have that are contagious, the creativity that flows from their smart fascinating brains and last but not least the kisses and hugs!!!