Thursday, January 21, 2010

Story Time

So I was a little frustrated last night after a long afternoon with the kids that didn't go as I had planned. However, after everyone was asleep it became obvious that I had allowed the unpleasant moments to overshadow the great ones that we had. I know it's normal for that to happen sometimes, however, I don't like when it does.

We actually had a really fun morning together. I took the boys to story time at the library and we all had a lot of fun (even Annabelle). The theme was dinosaurs and the librarian read several books we had never heard before. She also did a bunch of fun songs and games with the kids. I have this weird hang up about the kids participating - I love it when the do and get secretly annoyed when they don't. Well, they participated great and seemed to really enjoy themselves. After the songs and stories they created dinosaur pictures using crayons and foamy dinosaurs (LOVE foamies). Both boys did a very nice job and were very proud of their pictures. After the creative time they had toys available for the kids to play with. It was really nice being there with all three kids and feeling like everyone was enjoying themselves. Our last few library visits have consisted of Annabelle crying, Benjamin being super fidgety and not listening and Jack not wanting to participate but only focused on checking out his library books and 1 weekly video. This wasn't the case at all. We were actually there 2 hours in total - not too bad for 3 little ones.

When we left we had to run super fast to the car because the rain was coming down like crazy but it sort of added to the fun of the morning. We had a good time, came home with several fun new books and two videos so I would have to say it was a good morning. With that said, I will not let a good morning be forgotten just because we had a not so good afternoon :-)

Lets see what tomorrow holds for us - looks like it's going to be another indoor rainy day!

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