Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pumpkin Projects

On the Friday before Halloween Branden took the day off to have some well deserved family time. We started the day with some yummy pumpkin pancakes and stayed in our jammies a lot longer then we ever get to.

Branden and the boys decided to do a pumpkin "project" as I called it. That's how I refer to things when I don't exactly know what we will be doing but want to get the boys excited and get their buy in on something. Branden told them they need their own tools so he took them to Harbour Freight to buy their very own hammers. If you have ever been to Harbour Freight before you that this is an adventure in and of itself.
The day was really starting off great!

Ben just loved his new "little guy" hammer.

I loved watching their determination when pounding

Jack thought the "insides" of his pumpkin were super cool, but asked if he could wash his hands and his pumpkin out with the hose

Benjamin wasn't so sure about the "yucky stuff" inside his pumpkin

Tell us how you really feel boys!

Our sweet little boys ~ so proud of their pumpkins

Video of Jack hammering away

Video of Benjamin hammering away


Greta said...

I love the shot of the 3 of them with their tongues out and that Jack wanted to wash out the inside of his pumpkin. Too funny!

Grammy and Grampy said...

Wow, what a fun day. You guys are making such GREAT memories with your children and with all the wonderful pictures. Thank you soooo much for sharing them with us. We Love you ALL

The Beard Family of 5 said...

those have to be some of the cutest pictures I've ever seen.