Sunday, November 1, 2009

City Boys on the Farm

Tanaka Farms that is! On Saturday, October 10th, Benjamin's preschool met there. It was a special day for Branden and the boys. We decided it would be easiest for Annabelle and I to stay home this year, but looking at all the fun they had we are super excited for next year's visit.

Branden with his boys

Ben really enjoyed the petting zoo ~ Jack, not so much.

They were allowed to pick 4 of each vegetable - Jack and his first radish!

Picking green beans

Carrots and onions right from the ground ~ how cool!

Poor Mr. Scarecrow - looks like he had a rough night :-0

This is quickly becoming their signature pose. I have to admit that I just LOVE it.
The boys really have a strong love for each other that just warms my heart.

Pumpkin jumping! Branden said they were having so much fun.

The long walk back with their pumpkins

They made it!

Jack carefully washed all of the vegetables

Benjamin was SO proud of their vegetables.
They even shared some radishes with the neighbors.

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Greta said...

So fun. We went strawberry picking in the spring. I'll have to try this next year.