Thursday, October 22, 2009


We run. We play.
At times, we fall down and cry.
We giggle. We snicker and play.
We poke. We pinch. All in good fun!
We even sit still, so mom can take a picture.
These are the making of childhood memories.


Four Flights said...

I LOVE all these pictures. Your kids actually sit still for pictures AND they smile for them :) Count yourself lucky on that one! What are they doing in the last picture when they're raising their hands?

Summers Family said...

Waiving to a pirate ship :-)

Grammy and Grampy said...

These are so sweet, I love the ones were they are holding hands. They really do love each other, & are having so much fun.

Greta said...

Love these pics. Aren't you so thankful they have each other? It is great for a brother to have a brother.

Frances said...

I looooooove these pictures! My godsons are sooo handsome! :)